Jennie’s Homemade Vanilla!

For family and friends… and friends of friends… here is our secure page for Jennie’s Homemade Vanilla Extract!  Jennie has enjoyed making her own vanilla extract for a while now, and we decided to produce it in bulk and make it available to others – hopefully for you or your favorite baker!

Ingredients: Authentic Madagascar Vanilla Beans and Vodka.  NO Sugars.  NO Water.  No additives or chemicals.

About Jennie’s Vanilla: All natural without any added sugar or water, these four (4) ounces of vanilla extract are “double-strength,” providing incredible flavor to any recipe.  To order more vanilla or inquire about vanilla recipes or resources, send Jennie a note at!

Our Christmas stocking stuffer sale continues — If you’d like to order some of Jennie’s Homemade Vanilla Extract, check out our current listing on eBay!

The logo for Jennie’s Vanilla was designed and printed by Char Haskins, who we found on!

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