A Time to Laugh…

15 Sep
Just looking at these people makes me want to laugh - either with them or at them!

Just looking at these people makes me want to laugh – either with them or at them!

Throughout the course of my week at the church, there are serious moments and there are light moments.  Or, as the Bible tells it, life gives us “a time to weep and a time to laugh” (Ecclesiastes 3:4).

One of the signs of a healthy family or a healthy team is this: do we feel the freedom to laugh together.  Are we comfortable enough around one another to just bust out laughing or to crack each other up at times?

Show me a couple who laughs together, and I’ll show you a couple who stays married and in love.  Show me the family that laughs together, and I’ll show you that same family that loves one another and makes memories and forgives.

Show me the co-workers that laugh, smile, and bring joy to the office, and I’ll show you a productive team that any of us would love to work with.

A few minutes ago, our staff at church enjoyed laughing and sharing random, spontaneous comments at the end of our meeting together.  At the same time, we had a very productive, thoughtful, interactive meeting – we prayed together about some deep issues and concerns as well!

And I enjoy doing life and ministry with our staff team, and I’m grateful for the joy that was in that room.

Don’t be too proud to laugh at yourself or let others laugh at you sometimes as well.  If you are part of the human race, then you’ve probably said or done something funny in the last twenty-four hours.  It’s okay, perhaps even healthy and humble of us, to laugh at ourselves!

In my recent blog posts about faith and work, I’ve shared some serious thoughts about how God feels about our jobs.  One of the best things any worker can bring to the table or to the office is a smile and a heart of joy.  A willingness to laugh.  A willingness to even make others laugh.  Not at their expense, but at yours.  Take the initiative to make others smile.  Share something funny you saw or read lately.  Do something unexpected and spontaneous.

One time, after I came back to the office from a vacation, all of my co-workers had posted funny pictures and quotes around the wall of my office.  It was hilarious, awesome, and encouraging all at the same time.  They seized the opportunity to enjoy doing something silly together as a team.

Perhaps today is your time… in your marriage, with your kids, at your job, or even in your church.  It’s your time.  A time to laugh!


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