When Everything Changed

15 Sep

TCE_LogoWhen Everything Changed.  Can you remember the life-changing moments or decisions in your life?  Were there any “before and after” moments when you knew that life would never be the same?

1990 changed everything for this guy.  When I saw my face on that State of Ohio Driver’s License, it was on.

1996 changed everything as well.  Recently graduated from Grace College, I remember the feeling of getting my first actual full-time paycheck, and there was an immediate rush to the bank.  And soon the reality of paying my own bills.

2000 changed everything in all the right ways.  Saying “I Do” to the most incredible woman I’ve ever met, grateful to God and His timing in my life.  From lost in my singleness to found and blessed in the grace of marriage to Jennie, my best friend and love for life.

2004 changed everything and still does.  Allison was born with all sorts of tears, burps, and diaper noises – changing our Underwood lives and every moment since.  Then Luke in 2005 with the introduction of man to man defense.  And Julie sending us into zone coverage in 2008.

2012 changed everything in little ways, when our family welcomed that helpless little puppy, Rocky.

But this Sunday, I can’t wait to share the kind of “game changer forever” things that God has brought into my life and millions of others.  God is passionately in love with us, pursuing us, saving us, and raising us.



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