Digital Invasion: Amazon

30 Sep

4005738_origIt’s one of the largest rivers in the world.

It covers much of South America.

It’s legendary for tropical and mysterious jungle-dominated terrain.

For centuries, the Amazon River has been a source of life and health for countless species.

However… in just a few quick years, this incredible creation has fallen to #2 on the list of “world’s most famous and influential Amazons.”

The Amazon River is NOT what anyone thinks of when we say the name.

These days, is one of the most dominant, popular places for buying and selling ANYTHING from ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.

Want to save money at Christmas time?  Go to

Want to avoid the “hustle and bustle” of Black Friday?  Click to

Need a last-minute birthday gift shipped directly to your loved ones?  You guessed it.  Amazon has us covered.

Not sure what you should buy as you head back to school?  They seem to know what you need over there at Amazon.

As much as anything about the digital world, Amazon has helped millions of people develop TRUST in online buying and selling.  Our family buys a lot of products – groceries, books, gifts, toys, and household cleaning supplies – all through  We’ve turned to Amazon often for convenience, and we can purchase from our computer or cell phone at a moment’s notice.  As a result, one of our favorite Christmas or Birthday gifts has become the all-too-powerful Amazon Gift Card.Amazon-Gift-Card

Yes, Amazon has been a huge player in the Digital World, bringing us into an age where we can buy, spend, and order anything we want.  Has Amazon (and the instant gratification of shopping online) also brought some negative side-effects?  Is it far too easy to spend money by clicking and without thinking?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Just like anything with technology, I think it’s important for us to know WHY we are using something and HOW it works.  What insights or practices have helped you get the most out of Amazon?  Has Amazon presented any challenges to your financial life or your family budget?


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