Just Three Words

29 Sep

Twitter gives you 140 characters.

I’m giving you three words.

Know.  Live.  Give.

What I know impacts how I live.

How I live impacts what I have to give.

What I give has the potential to impact others around me – for good for for bad.

These three words are helping us define Delaware Grace – our church here in central Ohio.  It’s what we are all about, and a clear way to explain what we do.  We know God.  We live for God.  We give God to those around us.

Know.  Live.  Give.

Behind the scenes, our leadership teams (Staff and Elders) spent a great deal of time discussing, researching, praying about how to simplify, clarify, and guide what we do and how we do it.  We aren’t perfect, but we are given tremendous opportunities to know, to live, and to give.

Let’s know Jesus and help others know Jesus.

Let’s live like Jesus and for Jesus as we practice “being” his people.

Let’s give Jesus – and the tremendous truth of the Gospel – to everyone we know.

Let’s know, live, and give!



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