What a Pastor feels on Easter Sunday…

03 Apr
The praise and energy in our church on Easter Sunday was a highlight of our year - thank God for a great weekend!

The praise and energy in our church on Easter Sunday was a highlight of our year – thank God for a great weekend!

A few Easters ago, a good friend of mine said he’d pray for me during the week of Easter.  “It’s like the Pastor’s Super Bowl, man!” he said.

He was right – though every Sunday is important, Easter is a very big deal.  It’s big for all who believe in Christ and understand the true meaning of the Resurrection.  It’s huge for nearly every church in every town, as Easter Sunday brings more people, more opportunities, more events, more… well, more than any other Sunday.

But for a pastor, Easter weekend is quite an ordeal.  A roller coaster.  An adrenaline rush.  A “before-and-after” moment that consumes much of my calendar and energies before, during, and even after it all happens.

Just an hour ago, our church staff spent some time thanking God for another great Easter weekend at Delaware Grace.  Like many Easters’ past, this was another powerful reminder of God’s great love for us, and a true moment of the church “at its best.”

Our staff also shared some of our highlights and favorite moments of the weekend.  We made notes of things we might do differently or prepare for in 2014.  We thought about the people, the words, the music, the decor, the schedule, the adults, the children, the hallways, the feelings and the memories of our Easter Sunday together.

Here are some of my personal “highs” and feelings from Easter Sunday…

(1) Focus and Praise to God.  Though we really want to connect with people, the point is to lead them into God’s presence.  It’s not about us and it’s not about them.  It is about Him.  We always say that if God isn’t here, we are all wasting our time.  So it was a privilege to experience worship with three services of people who seemed to really engage and focus thanks, praise, and honor to God.  It was a greater personal privilege to pray privately and experience God’s blessings in my life throughout that entire day.

(2) Grateful for all our People!  When the room is full, there’s more excitement, more volume, more participation, and simply – more people to engage in song, preaching, and simply being together.  Our 9:30 and 11:00am services were packed to the very hilt, and that was awesome!  From the stage, I could see so many familiar faces… some unfamiliar ones… some new faces… some friends from different parts of our lives… it was inspiring, and certainly our prayer and aim is that we all join together for #1 (listed above)!

Easter is usually the most well-attended Sunday of the year, so pastors sometimes fight depression the next week – where did everyone go?  Why are there so many Christmas-and-Easter churchgoers?  I believe it is their loss, and ours, when these people show up just twice a year.

(3) Encouraged by awesome volunteers.  See, most pastors and church leaders know that we are nothing and can do nothing without a strong volunteer base.  Church isn’t about the leader or about the building or about the schedule.  It’s about a team, a body, a whole group of people working together, serving one another, showing hospitality, and “being the church” on Easter Sunday.  You people fire me up!  It is a privilege to serve with you!

(4) Inspired by lively music.  I get a front-row seat, both physically and relationally, to know some of our best volunteers and leaders.  Few things ignite my soul like a tremendous worship set led by about eight people who deeply love God.  Few things are as encouraging as the passion of seeing someone do something they love and serve God in a way that expresses who they are – everything from leading the choir, serving as an usher, helping in the parking lot, playing bass guitar – you name it!

(5) Honored to preach Good News!  Yes, I enjoy it.  I covet your prayers for me, because preaching is a serious calling and requires effort and thought and practice.  That being said, I enjoy it, especially when I have had the chance to walk with many of our people or serve God together!

(6) Fulfilled in (but not “by”) Ministry.  We spent a lot of time this Spring leading up to – and getting ready for – Easter weekend.  It is a thrill to see it all take place.  It also gives us a great sense of “accomplishment” or “participation” in something far greater than any of us.  My heart was full all morning, grateful for God’s work in us and for the chance to experience days like this in our church and in our community.  I should also add that I was physically and emotionally exhausted on Sunday evening!

(7) In Love with my Family.  Note – I’m not listing these in order of importance!  If I were, this one would be at the top, or closely connected with my relationship with God.  To spend the rest of Easter Day with Jennie and our kids and my parents… what can I say, I am one blessed dude.  Thank you, God, for loving me beyond belief… for blessing my life and family… and for days like Easter 2013 at Delaware Grace.  He is Risen, Indeed.

I hope you had an Easter Sunday worth blogging about.  Or at least remembering and thanking God for how He’s at work in your life too!



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